What Are Digital Marketing Services?

Digital marketing is simply inescapable. But it’s such a broad term that it can leave many pondering: what are digital marketing services?

It’s a service that encompasses absolutely every marketing effort that takes place on the internet and on digital devices. For businesses, digital marketing can be particularly beneficial as it helps them be seen on not just social media, but search engine results and through carefully placed adverts.

With a lot of businesses now online and making the most of the digital landscape, to be a competitive business owner it’s crucial that you make the most of the opportunities available to you online. Thankfully, with such a wide scope in terms of activity, there’s plenty of ways to get creative with your strategy.

So, what digital marketing services should you be aware of?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is one of the first strategies you should look at when exploring digital marketing. It’s a long-term digital marketing service that can take several months to provide tangible results, but when they do, the outcomes can be game-changing for your organisation.

Search Engine Optimisation involves optimising different aspects of your website to help it rank higher in search results. This is key for increasing the amount of organic traffic that visits your website. It will also mean that your target audience will visit your site over your competitors’ websites.

On-page, off-page and technical SEO

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to SEO. The first place to look is your on-page content. To optimise this, you’ll be looking to strategically place the keywords that your target audience are searching for.

It’s not just content that can make an impact, you need to consider ‘off-page SEO’ too. This covers the things that happen behind the scenes, such as links to and from your content. Links are vital for demonstrating to search engines that you are an authority when it comes to keywords.

The final aspect to consider is your technical SEO. This revolves around the backend of your website and will improve your website loading speed – a key ranking factor for search engines. Activity here can include everything from image compression to your site structure.

Content marketing

Content marketing can be a vital player as part of any digital marketing strategy. It covers all types of content, from written blog posts to infographics and visual imagery. It’s key aim to increase brand awareness while attracting customers and new leads by clearly demonstrating the services and core values that a client would find appealing.

Blog content is the leading strategy in this area of digital marketing as it delivers incredible results. By writing and sharing content on your brand’s website, you’ll be able to share expertise and insight that will be of interest to your consumers. Then, by sharing this content, you’ll be able to organically attract consumers to your site, while also boosting your SEO efforts.

Social media marketing

It’s undeniable that social media is king when it comes to drumming up conversations with your consumers. On average, people spend around 2 hours and 23 minutes scrolling the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so there’s plenty of time to catch someone’s eye.

Social media content, whether it’s a simple content-based post, a beautifully designed graphic, or a short video clip, all have the power to increase your brand awareness, start discourse between you and potential customers and generate leads.

Paid social

One aspect of social media not to forget is paid social. These are adverts that are run on perspective platforms. They can be set up to be shown to users for a range of goals, including getting more likes, followers, and website click-throughs. These can be targeted to a very specific audience and have an incredible return on investment once optimized.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is often at the core of many digital marketing strategies. It’s a key method of driving targeted traffic to your website and paying a small fee to the host for the privilege. The most typical form of PPC is Google Ads.

Here, you can pay ‘per click’ you receive when your ad is shown to people using the search engine. You can choose your audience based on several factors, including where they are and what they’re searching for. It’s an effective form of digital marketing but is more beneficial for those with a budget.

Who needs digital marketing services?

The key benefits of digital marketing include increased brand awareness, improved interaction, and a very targeted consumer outreach that can boost your incoming leads tenfold. So, if you’re a business in need of any of those things, then digital marketing is for you.

Here at Conteur, we’re skilled in crafting strategies that deliver. With years of experience in crafting content and drumming up conversation through a range of channels, our digital marketing talents can help you focus on a profitable future.

So, if you’re looking for digital marketing services, why not get in touch? We don’t just deliver marketing in Worcester and London, but UK-wide!

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