What is SEO?

Ever noticed the top Google search results? Enter SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It’s a powerful strategy for boosting website visibility, attracting organic traffic and generating business leads. SEO revolves around optimising your site’s content and structure to achieve higher rankings in relevant search engine results. It’s a cost-effective approach, delivering results over time without requiring payment for each click. In essence, SEO provides a sustained impact on your online presence. Whether you’re seeking to improve your online presence or achieve swift marketing outcomes, Conteur excels in understanding customer behaviour to boost your organic search rankings and drive clicks.

What sets our SEO apart?

  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager available by email and video call
  • At Conteur we really value transparency. Because of this we don’t rely solely on vanity metrics; we create bespoke reports that work for your business and help tell your story
  • Our packages are built around and your needs
Whether your monthly SEO budget has three digits or six, we can create campaigns that work for you

Our approach to SEO

Conteur has extensive experience in delivering high performing SEO campaigns for various sectors. Regardless of your business and needs we always approach it in three stages:


Ensuring search engines can navigate and index your site seamlessly is the core of our technical fixes. When we crawl your website, we meticulously address and resolve any technical issues, ensuring a solid foundation. Our commitment extends to continuously monitoring and addressing issues as they arise when you work with us.


On-page optimisation is all about fine-tuning the content and elements within your site for relevance and user experience. We can produce copy for your web pages to ensure each page ranks for what you need it to. This may come in the form of blog content or building FAQs on your web pages.


Off-page optimisation prioritises building high-quality backlinks and external signals to boost your site’s authority and credibility. At Conteur, we emphasise quality over quantity, consistently opting for industry-based sites that align closely with your products and services.

Chat to our SEO expert – James Laws

James is the go-to guy when it comes to SEO campaigns. With over six years’ experience James has the know-how to make sure your campaigns deliver the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Search Engine Optimisation work?

Search Engine Optimisation enhances website visibility in search results. It commences with keyword research and on-page optimisation, refining meta tags and content. Crafting valuable content is crucial, prioritising relevance. The process includes link building for authority.

Technical aspects, such as site speed and mobile-friendliness, are crucial. A positive user experience and regular updates enhance rankings. In local SEO, optimise for local searches, and social signals from platforms like Twitter and Facebook can influence rankings. Adaptability to algorithm changes underscores SEO as an ongoing, dynamic strategy for organic traffic.

Do we need Search Engine Optimisation?
The short answer: Absolutely. SEO is vital for numerous reasons. Firstly, it boosts website visibility, attracting potential customers with higher search rankings and driving organic traffic. Effective SEO builds credibility, especially in competitive markets, providing a competitive edge. Optimisation enhances user experience with faster loading times, mobile-friendliness, and relevant content. In addition, local SEO ensures visibility for local businesses in searches, connecting with nearby customers. As a long-term strategy, SEO offers sustainable results and valuable insights into user behaviour, making it essential for overall online success.
How can you improve a website’s authority?
Enhance authority by obtaining links from industry leaders. Google deems these crucial indicators of trust. The number and credibility of backlinks matter. Acquire quality over quantity in backlinks. Focus on reputable sources, not just volume. High-quality backlinks carry more weight in credibility and trust with search engines.
How much does Search Engine Optimisation cost?
At Conteur, we offer packages tailored to businesses of all sizes. Our quotes consider various factors:
  • Scope of Work: The extent of the task affects costs. For instance, optimising a small website is generally less costly than a large e-commerce site.
  • Competitive Landscape: Industry competition and keyword competitiveness impact costs. More competitive industries may require additional resources.
  • Goals and Objectives: Specific goals and desired outcomes influence costs. Local visibility goals are different from a global SEO strategy.
  • Current State of the Website: Significant technical improvements or existing issues may incur additional costs.
Contact us to explore our packages and see how they can benefit your business.
Should Search Engine Optimisation be used with Pay-Per-Click?
By combining SEO and PPC, a robust online presence is ensured. SEO enhances organic visibility, while PPC provides immediate visibility in paid results. This dual approach guarantees exposure, improves click-through rates and maximizes brand presence on SERPs. Strategically, PPC’s flexibility complements SEO, offering insights for an enhanced digital marketing strategy. Simultaneously leveraging both strategies results in a comprehensive and robust online marketing approach.

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