Health & Social Care

Conteur is a West Midlands based healthcare marketing agency. We understand the challenges faced by the social care sector and our bespoke marketing and healthcare PR solutions are designed specifically for care homes and healthcare providers. Our clients also include children’s services, fostering and adoption agencies and supported living schemes. With a focus on key audiences and our clients’ needs, our creative range of services includes PR, digital marketing, video production, and design content creation. As trusted advisors, we provide expertise and guidance, with a dash of creativity and bravery. We strive to provide value and results, with a strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

Why Choose Us?


Conteur is a healthcare marketing agency with extensive experience working within the social care sector and we understand the challenges and sensitivities faced within the sector. Our whole team possesses the values, skills and expertise that enable confidence and empathy when working directly with clients and their customers.

Tailored solutions

We understand that every care home and healthcare provider is unique. We use creative storytelling to showcase that uniqueness and build brand reputation. We work closely with you to develop strategies that align with your goals and values.


Transparency and accountability is important to us. Our strategies and approach to delivery of content are designed to deliver value and results, enabling us to make informed decisions. We’re a healthcare marketing agency and PR provider committed to making a positive impact in the social care sector and our work is driven by a passion for improving the lives of those who are supported by the sector.

Our Services

Provider marketing & PR

As an experienced healthcare marketing agency and provider of We know that occupancy and recruitment will be high on your priority list. From branding and online presence to lead generation and community engagement, we’ll connect with potential residents and their families, ensuring your care service is their top choice.

Healthcare PR

Our passionate healthcare PR and care home marketing professionals are experienced in building brand reputation for the healthcare industry. From PR strategy and crisis comms management, to digital PR campaigns and media relations, we work with you to provide value to your business.

Video marketing

If you are looking to educate, inspire or promote, our video production team are experienced in the social care sector and can guide you through the whole process. From recruitment and training videos, to full property tours, we offer a range of care home marketing packages and projects to suit your needs.