Video Interview Tips

For many people, the idea of standing in front of a camera for a video interview brings them out in a cold sweat.  In the Conteur office, even though we’re used to being around cameras on a daily basis, our team still shudder when the words ‘we need to update our pictures’ are uttered and you should see the room clear if we dare to mention the idea of a video interview!

People tend to overthink everything and hate to see themselves on screen when the video is finished. One classic is when you’re interviewing someone and they slowly but surely move away from the microphone so you end up following them with the camera.  When you ask them to stand still, they have absolutely no knowledge of moving from their spot.

Being on camera or even more so, having to speak on camera for a video interview is completely alien to most people, so what can you do to prepare when it’s your turn?

  • Firstly, don’t worry!  Easier said than done I hear you say but we’re not judging you and if you’re working with a reputable video production company, they will have made hundreds (if not thousands!!) of videos and conducted as many video interviews. Really skilled teams are used to putting people at ease and will often ask you questions on camera beforehand that have nothing to do with the topic just to put you at ease, for example, what did you have for breakfast, what’s your name and job title, what do you like about your job? Before you know it, you’ll forget the camera is even there… well, maybe not but you’ll certainly feel more comfortable.
  • Don’t prepare a script beforehand. There is nothing worse than interviewing someone who is trying to remember lines from their pre-prepared script. Their eyes wander off to funny positions as they try to remember their lines, they sound wooden and to be honest, they’re really boring to listen to. Unless the circumstances call for it, we normally don’t send questions out beforehand which takes away the temptation to script your answers.
  • Try to incorporate the question you’ve been asked into your answer… do this and your cameraperson will love you! This makes life in the edit suite so much easier and ensures you come across brilliantly.  For example, ‘can you tell us why Conteur is the best integrated communications company in the universe?’ You would reply – ‘Conteur is the best integrated communications company in the universe because….’
  • Try and avoid simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or closed answers to questions. Experienced interviewers will always try and ask you leading, open questions so that you’re not tempted by the easy way out. We’re always looking for you to embellish your answers and to give as much detail as you can.
  • If the topic you’re being interviewed about calls for it, be passionate! Are you talking about your business? Convey the blood, sweat and tears that you’ve shed to get to this point. Use your arms, use your facial expressions and give us something that really comes across on camera. We’ve all seen interviews where the interviewee is sitting on a chair (usually next to a plant!) and the only bit of themselves that is moving is their mouth. If you think you fall into this category, it might be worth finding someone else in the company who can talk passionately on your behalf.

Projections tell us that video will claim more than 80% of web traffic by next year so right now is the time to jump on board and make sure your company has some great, engaging content to draw people in. Our friendly team has all the expertise you need to guide you through your video journey and we look forward to chatting to you about it soon.

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