What form should my video content take?

In a previous blog we discussed the prediction that by early 2020, nearly 80% of web traffic would be video based. Video is going to become increasingly important in the online sphere, whether it be on your website or your business’s social media profiles.

Video gives your clients and customers a visual insight into the aesthetics and culture of the services and products that your business provides. You can construct your video content into various different forms to suit a variety of different purposes.

 So, which of these forms could help your business? Well, there really are endless possibilities to what you can create with video, but here are a few popular themes and formats that we’re making for some of our clients at the moment;

Video Tours

These are particularly effective if your business is a specific location, be it a hotel, a restaurant, a tourist attraction, an Airbnb or a care home etc. A video tour can bring a location to life, people like to see in advance what they can expect from your business, and given the right cinematic production values can add a real element of magic and class to your online presence.

Event Coverage

A video can be the perfect record of an event, whether it be the launch of a business, new building or a new service or some form of community engagement. The perfect sort of content to raise profiles on social media.

Introduction Videos

A great way to kick start a new business, a new service or product. Overviews are a great way to utilise footage designed specifically to suit the aesthetic that you’re aiming for. A great chance to convey the culture and benefits of your business.

Video Newsletters/Reports

These can be used either internally or external depending on the desired outcome and are most effective if kept fairly simple, they don’t need to be all singing all dancing cinematic masterpieces. A great way for your staff to keep up to date with news and developments within your business, and our feedback from existing clients that we make this type of content for tells us that staff prefer to watch a 2-3 minute video update than read a written report.

Case Studies

Case studies are a nice way to delve into more focussed content to portray some of the great work and outcomes that your service may provide. They allow you to document a story in much more detail in a short space of time than the broad overview style videos and can be great for social media and web traffic.

Awareness Videos

Help bring awareness to an issue by creating content that gets across information that viewers will find insightful. These can be good to coincide with many of the different awareness weeks or days that we regularly see now.  


Your customers/clients may have a ton of questions about a certain aspect of a product or service that you provide, and like the newsletter style videos, it can be more effective to have a video or a series of videos that answer some of these questions, and saves having reams and reams of text on your website or social media. It’s also a nice opportunity to showcase aspects of the business with nice looking content within the FAQ’s. Here is a nice example we produced for Access Fertility.

Recruitment Videos

Video is perfect for attracting potential new staff to fill vacancies that you may have. We’re making increasingly more of this type of content. Again video can prove much more effective than lots of written material that people might not fully engage with. Video allows you to really convey the culture of your business to candidates to back up those endless job board posts.

Onboarding Videos

These are the next phase on from the recruitment video. This style of video is very popular at the moment, and we’re seeing more and more businesses asking for this type of video content. An Onboarding video is an internal video designed for new starters that have already accepted a job, and it is a way of conveying the company culture, values and maybe some of the locations associated with the business in an aesthetically attractive way. We’re finding that they can be really effective in instilling an added sense of motivation in new starters as well as reassurance in what can be a nervous experience for anyone starting a new job.

Video Content

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