Want your video content to convert? The secret is in your script…

A successful corporate marketing video script always contains a number of key elements; get these elements right and you’re halfway to securing sales for your product or service:

1. The Hook

Such is the rapid nature of content consumption nowadays that you have but a few short seconds to capture someone’s attention. Your video opener is critical in compelling them to watch further. The opening sequence needs to be relevant to your product or service and provide a Segway to the main body of content. In this example for the Real Flower Petal company, we used some beautiful scene-setting drone shots to draw people into the main story of this fascinating company.

2. The Problem

The clear identification of the problem your viewers will be facing is your opportunity to resonate with them, as it demonstrates that you understand them as consumers. This can be easier for some companies, and problems, than others, so it’s worth giving this element some thought to ensure that you strike the right balance between empathy and patronisation.

3. The Solution

Now you’ve identified the problem, this is your chance to succinctly demonstrate how your product can solve it, and in many cases why the viewer should choose your solution over others on the market. Where possible, keep this section short, sharp and punchy, with the aim of sticking in the mind of your viewer. This short video we produced for The Safety Screen provides a good example of how to present a solution in this snappy way.

4. The Call to Action

The final piece in the puzzle is to make sure your viewers have an easy way to take the next step in their purchasing journey, whether that be to contact you directly via phone or email, or to explore further information via your website. The last thing you want is to lose potential sales because people have to spend time searching for your company online. You’ve done all the hard work in managing to engage them to watch your video, so don’t let your product or service down by missing this last crucial element. 

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