5 ways entering Awards will boost your business

Regardless of how big your business is, or what sector you work in, there will be an award perfect for you. There are thousands of awards ceremonies out there, each with their own categories and criteria. So, whether you want international or regional recognition, you’ll be able to find an event that’s perfect for your business.

However, with the entry process known for being time-consuming and intricate, is the effort worth the reward?

The answer? A resounding ‘yes’. Here’s why:

1. Publicity

Awards of any kind can provide you with an incredible level of publicity. Just by being shortlisted, you’ll be featured in all of the marketing materials for the award in question, leading to mentions in relevant outlets and spotlights across social media. And, if you win, you’ll secure credible coverage and features leading publications.

2. Credibility 

Receiving a 3rd party endorsement from a team of industry-leading and respected judges can do wonders for proving your business’s worth. It will give you the seal of approval that you simply can’t get elsewhere. Being shortlisted, or even winning an award, shows that you are one of the best organisations doing what you do, making it an invaluable addition to your marketing toolbox.

3. Employee motivation

Nothing can do more for improving team morale than when you recognise the time, effort and hard work they’ve put into everything they do. So, when they’re being recognised by industry leaders, it will give them a massive dose of motivation. And who doesn’t love a glitzy award ceremony, even if it may be virtual for the time being!

4. Customer retention

Another key benefit for your business is that not only will you be able to secure more sales through your recognition, but your current customers will be more loyal to you as a brand. For them, this will confirm that they are working with the very best, and ensure they continue to use you as their chose supplier of services or products.

5. Attract the best talent

One benefit that may not initially spring to mind, but is undoubtedly crucial when building a successful business is that by winning awards, you’ll be in a better position to attract the very best talent in your field. An award win will validate your business’ status in your industry while making you the company to work for, enabling you to attract the talent you need to grow and expand successfully.

So, what are you waiting for? If it’s time for your business to get the recognition it deserves, spend time finding relevant awards to enter.

Obviously, if you do need a helping hand, the Conteur team are ready, willing and able to support you with creating a persuasive entry. With years of experience in putting award submissions together, we know what it takes to craft winning responses!

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