Why should you use indirect marketing?

While direct forms of marketing are tried and true promotional tools, it is often a good idea to include a branch of indirect marketing in your campaigns. Instead of pushing for a sale and being intrusive, it gives you a chance to engage with your audience authentically.

What is Indirect Marketing?

Indirect marketing is about gently guiding people to view your products or services in a holistic way. It aims to increase brand awareness and attract potential clients by providing value and quality content to the consumer. PR, SEO and Content Marketing are some of the most used marketing techniques for business but adding the often overlooked Podcast, Webinar, or Tutorial can help create powerful indirect marketing campaigns.

Why is it so helpful?

Every day we see thousands of ads and because of this many of us begin to tune them out. Online, people often use ad blockers to reduce the constant stream of promotion.

Indirect marketing can target consumers without adding to their ad fatigue. A YouTube Tutorial on how you create a social media campaign can be more digestible than a promotional post. A free webinar on how to grow your business can attract more customers than a sales call about your services.

Social Media and Indirect Marketing

Facebook Groups, YouTube videos and Instagram Stories, are ways get to know your customers and talk to them directly. Also posts on Social Media are often faster and can be achieved with less resources than many other direct marketing channels such as PPC. Think of them as an indirect version of email marketing. Instead of a list of “subscribers”, it’s a group of “followers” .Even Pinterest can be useful. For instance you can use separate boards aimed at various segmentations. Using these, you can provide personalised tips and relevant content directly to each area of your target audience .

 Top Tip: Don’t forget to pay attention to your analytics

By focusing on providing value to your customers and with so many methods available, Conteur is sure that once added to your campaigns, you will quickly see results.

Pinning and Planning

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