How search can predict digital marketing service demand

PPC and SEO are the big names in Digital Marketing but demand for SMM ( Social Media Marketing) and Content marketing services is growing . SEO attracts the highest number of online searches and conversions while those who are searching for PPC are the most likely to be converted. They are also most likely to invest in management services. At this time, the majority of searchers are looking to learn more about SMM and Content marketing as their impact in the field grows.

The Search for Answers


Market demand is often represented by search volumes. With SEO, key phrases like “SEO tools” and “search engine optimisation” are the top searches. From this we can interpret that a lot of users would rather deal with SEO issues on their own. They are more likely to be looking for professional SEO tools than SEO professionals. New analytic tools are released every day and this is huge competition to digital marketing professionals.


PPC isn’t the most searched digital marketing topic; it receives 10 times less searches than SEO, but it receives a rather large number of agency-related queries. The majority of online searchers are using terms such as “PPC management agency” and “pay per click management service”. So when it comes to ad campaigns, often people prefer to find an agency or consultant.

SMM and Content Marketing

With SMM, people seem to be more interested in educating themselves on the field. General queries, online courses and degrees are the most searched terms on SMM. This is unsurprising as with the “boom” in jobs and opportunities in the field, SMM is an attractive career choice. As for content marketing, content management services are competing against content management systems. Most businesses are seeking a professional management system to help them manage their content strategies and processes.

In conclusion, though SMM and content marketing are relatively new, compared to PPC and SEO, they have high search volumes. Though they receive less conversions, these are certainly increasing. As an agency, PPC is the field most searched for professional help and while SMM or content marketing are competitive fields, it is an opportunity to grow your digital marketing services.

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