6 website optimisation techniques for care homes

With online advertising more widely-used now than ever before, care homes and healthcare businesses are quickly turning to digital methods of advertising to fill beds.

Your website is often the heart of your digital presence. Website optimisation has a range of benefits including: an increase in organic traffic, boosts to your online marketing efforts (such as Google Ads) and higher engagement and conversion rates when potential customers visit your website.

But, once you’ve got your customers to your website, how do you encourage them to
convert, give you a call or submit an enquiry for care? Below, we explore some tips to

Build separate pages for each of your services

Care homes usually offer a range of specialist care packages or domiciliary care options.
Instead of cramming all this information on your homepage, create landing pages for each of these. This gives you the opportunity to expand properly on your expertise and information on each, making the range of services you offer clear to your potential clients.

Create clickable CTAs

Call-to-actions or CTAs are critical when optimising your website. CTAs are buttons that
encourage certain actions from your visitors. This might include ‘call now’, ‘get in touch’ or
‘download brochure’. It’s important to make sure these stand out on the webpage, and this can be done relatively easily by using a contrasting colour to the rest of your website to make it really stand out.

Use local terms

Remember to use local keywords where appropriate in your web copy. If you serve a certain area, several areas or a county, be sure to include this in your text to make it more likely that local visitors will find your website. While you don’t need to overdo it, adding location keywords to your title tag, meta description and once or twice on each page will do the trick.

Keep the layout simple

Sometimes, care home websites are out-of-date and structurally missing. As much as
possible, keep the layout of your website clean and easy to navigate. That means one menu at the top with clear menu headings, easily digestible sections of information and images and clear CTAs.

Update it regularly

One of Google’s requirements for promoting your website organically or via Google Ads is
an up-to-date website. A simple way to do this is by adding regular content such as blogs,
gallery images or service updates.

Connect your website to your social media accounts

By connecting your website to your social media accounts, you can not only add a regular
feed of new content from your social channels to your website, but you are likely to also
direct traffic from your website to those channels. Social media is the ideal place to
showcase the ins and outs and day-to-day lives of your residents and staff, and really adds
personality to your care home or business.

If you need a hand getting to grips with all things SEO, speak to the experts in care home
marketing at Conteur. For a no-obligation chat about your care home marketing, get in touch today.

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