5 ways PPC and SEO are better when used together

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are often viewed as separate entities. Yet, the true magic happens when they join forces. In this blog, we’ll delve into the five key ways PPC and SEO can work in harmony to elevate your online presence. And here’s the exciting part: Here at Conteur, we can help you integrate these strategies for exceptional results.

1. Enhanced keyword research

When PPC and SEO teams collaborate, they can pool their efforts to conduct comprehensive keyword research. PPC campaigns often reveal valuable insights into which keywords drive the most clicks and conversions. These insights can then be applied to SEO strategies to optimise organic search efforts. This collaboration ensures that you target the right keywords across both paid and organic channels, increasing your overall visibility. Which leads us into the second point.

2. Increased brand visibility

PPC ads often appear above organic search results. By running PPC campaigns for your brand name and related keywords, you can dominate the search engine results page. When users consistently see your brand in both paid and organic listings, it strengthens brand recognition and trust. This increased brand exposure can lead to more clicks, conversions, and higher brand authority, which benefits both PPC and SEO efforts.

3. Data sharing and insights

Both PPC and SEO generate a wealth of data and analytics. When combined, these insights can help you make more informed marketing decisions. For example, if certain keywords perform exceptionally well in your PPC campaigns, you can allocate more SEO resources to optimise content around those keywords. This data-driven approach ensures that you focus your efforts where they are most likely to yield the best results.

4. Rapid testing and iteration

PPC campaigns provide an agile testing ground which can help influence your SEO efforts. Our team at Conteur will experiment with various ad creatives, headlines and landing pages to pinpoint the highest-converting elements. Once we’ve identified winning strategies through PPC testing, we seamlessly integrate them into SEO strategies. This approach keeps your organic content at the forefront of search engine results and always optimised for peak performance.

5. Improved quality score

Quality Score is the keystone of success in PPC advertising. It impacts your ad costs and signals your content’s alignment with user intent. By improving Quality Scores, you can enhance the quality of your pages that rank organically, solidifying your SEO success with organic content.


The dynamic synergy between PPC and SEO is undeniable and we can help you harness their potential. If you’re ready to get started with PPC and SEO, we have years of experience that can assist you. To speak with our PPC marketing experts, please get in touch with us today.

Rocket flying out of laptop symbolising seo and ppc can skyrocket your online presence.

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