Embracing multi-channel marketing: The key to success

Let’s face it. Multi-channel marketing today is tough. Everyone’s at it. With so many competitors, it can feel impossible to cut through the noise of innovators, disruptors and creators.

To be able to compete in the ever-evolving marketing landscape, brands and organisations need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Using one type of marketing or communication method is no longer sufficient. Messaging needs to be a multi-disciplinary, multi-channel affair.

A siloed approach where social media, PR, digital PR and other marketing efforts occur independently cause fragmented brand experiences which can turn off potential customers or even investors.

The shift to multi-channel marketing isn’t just a trend either, it’s a necessity.  Having the ability to allow your consumers to navigate seamlessly between platforms and still feel immersed in your brand can set you apart from your competitors.

Multi-channel marketing is the holistic approach your brand needs

A more holistic marketing approach can help you and your business not get boxed-in and build impactful narratives.

With more joined-up working across marketing disciplines, brands can unlock so many benefits, including:

  • Increased brand consistency: A unified brand voice and messaging across all channels ensures a seamless customer experience
  • Compelling storytelling: Integrated marketing tactics weave captivating narratives that resonate with audiences and drive engagement
  • Maximise reach and impact: An amplified, multi-disciplinary approach helps brands reach a wider audience and generate greater impact
  • Data-driven decision making: More channels = more data. This can be used to inform decision making by knowing exactly what your audience wants to see and where

Brands need to consider the consequences of disjointed messaging across various channels. A lack of alignment is confusing for consumers and can dilute the impact of a brand’s messaging.

Integrated campaigns, great success

Holistic branding and messaging pays dividends when brands can seamlessly integrate different disciplines. For example, the best campaigns begin with the humble press release.

The story sent in a press release can be amplified on social media,

The story told in that release can then be amplified across the brand’s social media channels (with the potential to spark conversation and be shared even more widely), then to top it off digital PR efforts can ensure that that is listened to and valued through the authority earned and maintained through digital PR efforts.

Tackling campaigns in this way not only allows you to maximise the breadth of audiences reached, but means that those audiences can enjoy a more immersive experience. These different marketing disciplines are designed to complement each other, convincing investors to invest and sending potential customers happily down the big old slide that is your sales funnel.

Community engagement and buy-in

Another huge benefit of multi-channel marketing is having the opportunity to foster a community that is loyal and lasts. Customers are craving relationships and a sense of belonging more than ever and brands can use this to their advantage. 

Solid PR efforts – whether digital or traditional – can make brands almost irresistible to consumers/clients, and the engaging nature of social media not only encourages people to share posts but also encourages the formation of community around a product or service, boosting brand loyalty and awareness.

So what?

In conclusion, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the future belongs to those who can see and embrace the bigger picture. 

Holistic, multi-channel marketing isn’t a passing trend but the key to unlocking effective strategy. It’s the recognition of the true power that comes when everyone is singing from the same song sheet – It’s not about playing an instrument, it’s about getting the band back together and giving an unforgettable performance.

When brands can break down silos and foster joined-up messaging across platforms, they can create messaging that resonates with consumers on a deeper level. In the right way. At the right time.

As marketing in a 24/7 switched-on world evolves, it’s going to be crucial to adopt this ‘bigger picture’ approach. By embracing it, brands can invite consumers to join their journeys by creating campaigns that aren’t just seen but felt. Campaigns that will leave a lasting impression on them, despite the distractions of such a connected world.

If you want to know how to create campaigns to capture both hearts and minds with PR (both traditional and digital), digital marketing and professionally filmed and edited video storytelling, then get in touch to see how we can help.

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