Bringing your care home to life with local PR

PR, especially local PR, is all about getting your brand name out there. It’s also about building a good reputation in your community, and standing out in your sector. At Conteur, we specialise in social care PR and have been working with care home clients for nearly a decade.

In the world of care homes, a good reputation and brand image is important, after all people are trusting you with their loved ones, so they need to know that they’re in good hands.

How can PR help showcase my care home?

Local PR can be beneficial for your care home in many ways, including:

  • Raising brand awareness: Getting the word out about your care home is the first step towards building a reputation in your community.
  • Positioning YOU as the expert: PR can help you position your care home and team as an expert in the field of social care by sharing your knowledge and expertise through press releases, blogs, and on social media.
  • Building relationships with potential residents and their families: Investing in PR gives you the opportunity to build a rapport with potential residents and their families through sharing stories about your care home, photos and videos of the daily happenings in the home – and information about the services you provide.
  • Generating leads and referrals: When people see positive stories about your care home in the media, they’re more likely to contact you to learn more and PR can help you do just that!
  • Attracting and retaining staff: PR can help you attract and retain staff by showing what you can offer – be it training, perks, or long service awards.

So, what does care home PR look like? Here are a few examples of our previous local PR campaigns that have worked wonders for our clients:

Sharing positive stories about your care home residents:

Care homes often get a bad wrap, but we’re on a mission to change that and celebrate the amazing in every day. Care homes are filled with love, kindness and celebration – so they’re the stories we want to bring to life. 

People love a feel-good story. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a fun outing, or an incredible achievement, it’s always a good idea to share positive stories. Here are some lovely resident stories that have landed our care home clients in big publications:

Thought leadership:

PR can help you position yourself as industry leaders through thought leadership, opinion pieces, comments and Q&As. Getting featured in trade publications makes your organisation more credible in the eyes of stakeholders and potential clients. 

Here are a few examples of how the Conteur team has helped care groups get featured in trade publications:

Getting social savvy

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Having a good social media presence helps you connect with residents’ families, potential residents and their families. Seeing your loved one well cared for in a care home is always comforting. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram help you showcase just that. 

At Conteur, we help bring care homes to life on social media through regular posts and updates. Here are a few examples:

Use the power of SEO

SEO is a very powerful tool to make sure that your care home ranks higher on search engines like Google. Promote your care home with blogs, Google Business updates, and online articles to stand out in the community.

Conteur provides digital marketing, SEO, and paid ad campaigns to promote your care home effectively. It can look like this

At Conteur, our excellent team of PR professionals work together with clients to deliver high-quality coverage targeted towards key audiences with the right tone and messaging that gives your business the boost it needs.

If you are looking for PR and digital marketing services for your care home, get in touch with us.

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