The 5 biggest Google Ads trends for 2024

Google Ads is ever-evolving. In the last year, advertisers have seen new AI tools, the end of certain attribution models, and several platform updates. As we move into a new year, I’ve gathered essential trends and predictions for Google Ads. It’s crucial for advertisers to be aware of these to ensure ongoing success amid the platform’s constant changes.

1. More AI powered campaigns

When looking ahead at the Google Ads trends for 2024, AI will undoubtedly be the main focus point. This might be the most obvious statement of the year, but Google Ads was never going to avoid using AI. In regards to managing and optimising ad campaigns, Google Ads has already adopted significant use of AI. This year, this will start to ramp up. 

Anticipated developments in 2024 include sophisticated automated bid strategies, advanced audience targeting, and a shift towards pMax campaigns. Google Ads is also developing more predictive analytics and reporting. The aim is to enable advertisers to better predict consumer behaviour.

Advanced automated bid strategies have already marked a significant departure from Google’s manual bid adjustment process. This evolution is expected to continue, especially with the integration of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google’s focus on the data-driven attribution model.

2. Bigger focus on bidding strategies

The automation of ad creation and audience targeting is gaining momentum, leading to the broader adoption of smart bidding strategies like Target CPA and ROAS. These approaches rely on the power of AI to enhance campaign strength.

The effectiveness of smart bidding has been notably convincing, overcoming initial scepticism amidst evolving AI technology. Strategies such as max conversions, tCPA, and tROAS have so far demonstrated high efficacy. As we progress through 2024, there will be a heightened emphasis on leveraging these bidding approaches.

3. Refined broad match

Google ads will strongly encourage advertisers to utilise the use of broad match keywords. In 2024, joining broad match keywords with smart bidding will become the norm. This suggestion might face considerable scepticism, mainly because historically, broad match hasn’t been optimal for generating the most relevant searches. Nevertheless, Google is fully confident in its AI and machine learning capabilities, which are now more effective in aligning with your business goals.

While Google desires broad match to be the trend, the more likely trend is scepticism among the community of advertisers using the platform. This scepticism is fuelled by the industry’s current trajectory, where transparency is rapidly diminishing—a stark contrast to the fine-tuning control once enjoyed in paid marketing efforts.

4. Introduction of short-reel video content

We anticipate substantial changes in how advertisers approach video advertising. Google Ads is going beyond the traditional YouTube Ads format and shifting to short-form video ads. This change has been brought on as a response to TikTok and Meta’s Reels. Say hello to YouTube Shorts. Currently, you can target Shorts as a placement for ads; however, we foresee increased competition on TikTok and Instagram in response. Watch this space.

To entice PPC advertisers, there may be efforts to streamline the setup process and leverage AI assistance for ad creation.

5. New dashboard

Less of a trend and more of a new feature, Google Ads is introducing a new look to the dashboard. Some are already using it, and it looks very similar to the GA4 dashboard that came into full force last year. There may be a bit of ‘so where do I find this now?’ going on, but other than that, it will be business as usual.


Whilst there’s a shift towards using more pMax campaigns and using smart bidding in 2024, the dominant themes to be aware of are automation and AI. Advertisers have the right to remain vigilant and sceptical about these emerging shifts. Nevertheless, it must be acknowledged that the data already gathered on these approaches has the potential to build confidence rather than diminish it. If you’re looking for help on how to stay ahead of the curve, then we’re here to help. If you would like to discuss how we can assist you with PPC, please get in touch.

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