How social media content can boost care sector digital marketing efforts

Social media can add a new lease of life into your care business. Posting regularly on a platform such as Facebook can help to build an audience, create an engaged following and boost brand awareness.

This can ultimately lead to more customers. But, there are a few other perks that can affect and even strengthen your other digital marketing efforts.

Let’s start by looking at some of the most appropriate forms of content for social…

Forms of social media content for care businesses

Your social media should be a fun area where you can express your personality as a business. So, introduce your team on Facebook or Instagram in a fun way and share behind-the-scenes pictures, videos and content to showcase the character of your brand.

Reviews and feedback from happy clients (and their families) are a great form of social content. When prospective clients look at your social media and website, they’ll be looking for feedback from others when making a decision, so share even the smallest of customer comments regularly.

You can also share your latest news, PR, blogs, jobs and events. Talk about your facilities and showcase them without being too sales-y: just a handful of posts a week is sufficient to build an audience.

How does social media boost your care business marketing efforts?

1. Driving high-quality and engaged traffic

One of the best perks of using social media is to build an audience. By creating a group of followers that are actively interested in your business – whether they’re looking for jobs, are prospective future clients or simply live locally – you’ll be able to use this to reach your business goals.

Of course, one benefit of social content is driving traffic to your website. This can lead to conversions and enquiries, but web traffic also supports your SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay-per-click) efforts too. By sending high-quality traffic to your website, your user metrics – such as bounce rate, average pages per session etc. – will improve, providing positive signals to search engines.

You can then use channels such as Google Ads to retarget to this audience if they visit your website and don’t convert.

2. Providing Insights

Another thing that social media platforms are getting better at are providing audience insights and data such as customer demographics and interests.

You can look at this data and learn a great deal about your target audience. Perhaps the majority of them are a certain age, are women, live in a certain area or have particular interests.

This intel can be applied to other marketing channels as well as social media advertising to grow your audience further, by creating
campaigns and targeting the right people.

3. Social media indexed quicker, good for SEO

Interestingly, new web pages on your website will be indexed quicker if posted on social media than if not. Indexing is the process search engines take to ‘read’ a website or web page – then, they store this for SEO and PPC purposes to show users the most relevant content to them.

So, adding new content, posts and blogs to social media with links to your website can boost your search engine marketing efforts, too!


To finish, it’s clear that social media has plenty of value for care sector businesses, even if this isn’t immediate.

Over time, you’ll be able to create an engaged group of followers which will help you to fill beds and find clients for the long term. Social media is also a key part of any digital marketing strategy, so utilise it to make the most of the benefits!

Need a hand with social content or your care home digital marketing strategy? Contact our care sector experts today.

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