Joined-up working wins: Worcester flood clinches coverage

We’ve captured stunning landscapes, epic events, and everything in between through our lenses but nothing quite beats a birds-eye view.

Our director of photography, Simon, took the opportunity to take flight and document the recent flooding across the city of Worcester. 

It’s never a case of just deciding to fly the drone though, as there is a meticulous checklist that must be completed before it can take off. The drone needs to be calibrated to each filming location, weather and risk assessments must be completed, and safe take-off locations need to be found.

In addition to all of that, all flights must be logged for the Civil Aviation Authority as well as keeping our own records for maintenance purposes.

He then took the footage, cleaned it up and paired it with some music to create some dramatic, shareworthy video content.

Simon and the team love the dynamism that drone footage can bring to a video project, and how special it is that he was able to catch this great footage of our home city and surrounding areas. 

Simon said: “The flood levels were set to peak on that day and the sky was looking particularly dramatic in terms of cloud and sunlight, so it was the perfect morning to take the drone out and document from the air just how bad the floods have been this January.”

It’s always daunting flying the drone over vast bodies of water, so great care is required when flying, otherwise an expensive bit of kit can easily be lost. One thing I always try to achieve when flying the drone from a camera operator’s perspective is a cinematic approach to the camera moves – to essentially use the drone as a camera dolly to shoot smooth tracking shots, lateral, vertical and arcing camera moves.”

As experts in newsjacking (and also as opportunistic as Simon!), our PR team pitched the content out to both local and national news outlets scoring coverage on multiple outlets, including the Daily Mail, Yahoo News and Worcester News.

We also landed broadcast coverage on ITV Central and Sky Sports News.

You can see the video here:

Remember, the next time you see a drone buzzing overhead, it might just be capturing a story that needs to be told. If you think drone video or photography could elevate your marketing campaigns, then get in touch.

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