How to maximise your care home’s success at Christmas

Care homes do such wonderful things that we can PR the hell out of all year round, but at Christmas, it steps up a level, and I’m not just talking about a care home’s classic carol service. The festive spirit truly shines in care homes, where residents and staff come together to create heartwarming moments and memories.

I’m talking about penguin visits to resident Roy dressed up as Santa. We can really put our creativity to the test during the festive season and enjoy rolling out some lovely heart-warming campaigns! 

PR can significantly enhance a care home’s success during the Christmas season by promoting its values, activities, and festive spirit to the community. 

Getting press coverage for your care home doesn’t have to be complicated.

But a great way to go about getting it is to think creatively.

It helps you stand out from the crowd, gain exposure and elevate your brand reputation in your area. 
Read on to find out how you can use PR to maximise your care home’s success effectively over Christmas.

Engaging content creation

Press releases

Draft and distribute press releases highlighting special events, charitable initiatives, or heartwarming stories from the care home.

It’s often the simple stories, targeting a mix of local press (prime for their target audience) as well as trade to shout about their winter wonderlands. One of our care home clients’ very own winter wonderland was a great example of this… We saw coverage in local publications such as the Oxford Mail and the Bampton Beam, while the care sector covered it via The Carer, Caring UK and The Caring Times.

Chances are you’re doing lovely things in your care home this Christmas anyway, so why not tell the press about it? 

Feature stories

Collaborate with local newspapers or magazines to feature stories about residents, staff, or unique festive traditions within your care home.

At Conteur we love a reason to come together for a creative session. We always ensure that clients enter the festive season armed with exciting, festive PR ideas. 

Embrace social media for storytelling

Social media helps raise awareness of your impactful work, offering substantial benefits and amplifying the positive impact you’re making.

Social media platforms like Facebook are great for sharing engaging stories and images that capture your care home’s Christmas celebrations. Encourage sharing experiences with relevant hashtags. Engage residents and families to connect with the broader online community discussing similar topics.

Building awareness of what you’re doing is great for:

  • Forge connections and assure support recipients, their networks, and potential care seekers about the quality of care your home provides.
  • Celebrating your staff and their hard work which will make them feel empowered and appreciated
  • Raising the profile of your own care home

Community engagement

Collaborate with local community organisations, churches, or charities to organise Christmas initiatives that benefit your care home residents. 

Partner with local musicians, artists, or entertainers to provide special performances. This will demonstrate your care home’s engagement with the community and commitment to giving back.

Staff recognition and appreciation

Recognise and celebrate your dedicated staff members who go above and beyond to make Christmas special for residents. Share stories of their heartwarming actions, generosity, and commitment to providing exceptional care. This will demonstrate your care home’s strong culture of compassion and dedication.

Implement effective PR to position your care home as a festive haven, attracting new families and strengthening relationships during the holidays.

The positive publicity generated throughout the festive period can have a lasting impact on your care home’s reputation and long run success.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to maximise your care home’s success at Christmas, get in touch with our team. Call us on 01905 670881 or emailing us at and we’ll be more than happy to help. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Conteur! 

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