Why you should use Performance Max in 2024

Digital platforms, including Google Ads, continually evolve and develop new features each year. So, what’s the big thing for 2024? The answer is Performance Max. It’s not exactly a new feature, but one Google will be pushing you to use more of. It’s essentially the future of Google ads. Staying ahead in the competitive digital advertising landscape requires businesses to grasp what Performance Max entails and how to run it effectively. 

Fortunately, Conteur is here to help. We’ve had this on our radar for a while and are ready to help you adapt to the changes.

We’ve put this article together to explain what Performance Max is and how to best prepare for it now before it becomes the norm.

1. What is a Performance Max campaign?

A Performance Max campaign brings together Google’s other advertising channels into one single campaign set-up. The channels include: Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. 

Unlike specific campaigns focusing on one ad format, such as YouTube or display campaigns, pMax targets all formats. 

Using machine learning, Google determines the ad type and click cost, making it an efficient option for diverse channel advertising.

For those less familiar with Google Ads, the appeal lies in a single, less demanding campaign which uses various channels.

2. How do Performance Max campaigns work?

Performance Max campaigns combine different channels into one campaign.

Other campaigns focus on a single channel. If you set up a display ad you’ll just be using a display. When you opt for Performance Max you’ll be using a bit of everything. This will be with strategic purpose, of course.

When it comes to the set up, you’ll be setting up a single campaign with the option to run content across multiple channels with one campaign. 

During set-up you will be uploading multiple headlines, images and videos to the campaign. Google will choose which ones to use and when. If you don’t have multiple assets ready then Google will use AI to auto-generate these for you (more on this later!).

3. What are the key benefits?

Enhanced reach: Performance Max significantly expands your reach across the Google network, improving visibility and brand exposure.

Optimal ad placements: The campaign’s sophisticated algorithms analyse user behaviour to determine the best placements, ensuring your ads resonate with the target audience and are sitting in just the right place.

Dynamic ad formats: Enjoy the flexibility of showcasing your products or services in various engaging formats, contributing to increased user engagement and a more robust sales funnel.

Budget Optimisation: Machine learning optimises your budget allocation, ensuring your advertising pounds are spent where they yield the most impact, ultimately improving your return on investment.

4. What do we need to run a Performance Max campaign?

The short answer: a lot of content in various formats.

You’ll need a bank of content that includes images, text, display ads and video content to get the most out of one of these campaigns. 

If you don’t have this type of content, we can help. We have content packages that can help you generate the right brand content to make your campaign work well for your business.

For Performance Max to really do its thing you’ll want to be using your own content so Google isn’t being left to its own devices and auto-generating it for you.


In conclusion, as we explore the 2024 digital advertising landscape, Performance Max campaigns emerge as the future of Google Ads. Conteur is ready to assist you in navigating this shift. For guidance or campaign support, get in touch today. We can talk you through Performance Max in more detail and help you get that suite of content ready. 

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